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Looking for Writing Partners

2009-08-11 01:52:20 by Fremen

I'm currently blogging on a site called, and if you like anything geeky, tennis, or making/doing anything related to webcomics, have a lot of free time, and want to make some money doing something you are interested in, please e-mail or AIM me. You can message me here too, but I might not read it for weeks at a time.


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2009-08-11 01:52:56

This is AGNER speaking!


2009-08-11 04:47:01

I'll be happy to write for some web comics...and I don't really want money for it... as long as I get credited somehow...and if I could get some detail on who can be used in the comics and what type of comics I can write! PM me back if your interested...

On 2 condidtions:

1.I want you to know I CAN'T ANIMATE so please don't ask me...I am but a mere writer...
2. I will right as long as its not "Adult rated" I will write with swears, but nothing pornographic.


2009-09-20 01:35:35

Long time no see Fremen, I see you're still into the writing business. Same here, and if I have time I could write a strip or two for a webcomic if you want. No charge, just recognition.

On another note, I was reading through the old naruto RP crew and all I can say is: Wow, I was an ass. But it was fun watching my style improve. Also, whatever happened to twilight?