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2007-07-22 11:25:53 by Fremen

I've actually woken up before noon, and I realized that Fireworks is a brilliant image editor, although I'd still prefer photoshop, this one works brilliantly, and I think that it will translate well into Flash movies and such.

So...if anyone wants me to make a sig or something, I'd be more than happy to give it a go. All I need to figure out now is where real sig makers get all of their backgrounds...

I'll also be doing the NGMAC's official sigs again.


P.S. I hope you guys like my earliest work. lol...


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2007-07-24 04:38:29

I think they get a lot of their resources off DeviantArt - care to make me a signature? If its better than my current one, I'll use it...

Fremen responds:

Lol...sure, but I need some images from you, since I'm too lazy to get my own. You need more details.


2007-07-24 14:04:47

ur so much cooler than me!!!

Fremen responds:

Even though I typed that my self, Thank You.


2007-07-24 14:24:37

Not bad, i should ask you for a sig sometime.

Fremen responds:

Lol, sure. I just need images to work with.