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2007-12-27 23:58:18 by Fremen

I'm making a new Flash animation.

Actually, if you make audio or if you write, I'd love to have some help on it.

Basically, I'm gonna make a Black 2 (see my first one) and this one is gonna have a huge chase scene and all that stuff.

Please make a comment if you can!!!!

Also, I'm still doing banners and sigs, so if anyone wants one, PM ME!!!!!!!!!

I'm sick of you losers who think that if you post here or make a comment, I'll actually check.

P.S. I do check, but I only do requests that are in my inbox.

BETA: 8e1d/


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2008-01-09 15:57:57

I' write something just pm me


2008-02-06 08:04:01

i saw black one of the best stick fights out there with a story line cant wait for black2.

Fremen responds:

lol, ???

Did you see mine or someone elses?

Mine sucks and was merely an experiment in Flash


2008-02-11 03:36:19

you favourited your own flash? vanity much...

Fremen responds:


Just trying to get more people to watch it.