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2007-07-25 02:18:43 by Fremen

I'm just going to stop using Flash...this stuff takes too long and you know...stuff like that.

I'm switching over to do sigs for people, so if anyone wants a sig, just PM me.

All I ask is that people provide images so I can actually work with something.


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2007-07-27 23:43:55

Soft cock...

Fremen responds: I'm not that good, and everyone is telling me to switch from FW to PS...

Either way, I need to post this here so I don't forget:

R x by Itachi Aka ring

Don't mind that last line.

Also, for a laugh, look at this weeks SOTW, page 3.


2007-08-06 17:20:11

Good Luck Fremen, Your sigs are most intresting.

Fremen responds:

Thank you.

They are, aren't they....?


2007-08-12 22:39:14

A man after my own heart. Flash takes forever for me too, so I'm about 100% in Photoshop now. I'll look for your sigs, I havn't seen them.

Fremen responds:'ve probably seen a couple.


2007-08-24 17:04:43

Hows it going Fremen?


2007-08-27 19:51:23

Signs are only needed when a user is above lvl 12 and has a very high post count.


2007-08-31 01:43:46

fuck you

Fremen responds:

I love people who are as intelligent and articulate as you.

</witty sarcasm>


2007-09-11 18:02:07

Do you do banners?


2007-10-18 21:51:08

could you make me an akatsuki one


2007-10-30 19:48:12

Te mando un PM o lo escribo aqui?

Fremen responds:

Me Mandes (?) un PM...


2007-11-17 19:37:33

I'm gonna pm you a sig to make me in a few days, just letting you know in advance.

Also do you still watch bleach?

Also i'm adding you to ma friends list.

Fremen responds:

Yes...I still watch every minute of every Bleach episode out there....

and I love it too


2007-11-26 16:50:36

Can you put a background on a pic for me?

Fremen responds: